Who Are We

Did you know: 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years.

Organization of that data is a very real and difficult problem that affects each of us as a part of our productive world. We know the frustrations and success's that technology brings us. The focus of Data Communication Concepts is to help our clients make educated decisions so their money is invested in proven technology that will make them a more efficient company.

We Are Excited to Announce eNameTag Software - A Simple Solution

Lost files and forgotten folders are the bane of all time-crushed administrators. DCC will soon release e-Name Tag, a low-priced productivity utility that combines the concepts of revolutionary file organization, restricted file-naming protocols and more. Just Drag-and-Drop e-Name Tag into the folder of your choice and all subsequent file drops will be named under strict protocols designed by you. Filenames will be date-stamped with unique job numbers and/or unique project I.D. The use of a simple pop-up menu will limit associate training to minutes. Lost Project Files will become a thing of the past. We take justifiable pride in this first effort of DCC. Ordering Information can be found at eNametagSoftware.com. Enjoy!

Follow the link below to the eNameTag Software Home Page!